Colorful Pineapples

Graphic and web design is our business. We attach great importance to ‘craftsmanship’, but also to service and prompt delivery. Our past partners – whether they be the government, trend-setting companies.Our team is both close-knit and ultra-professional. And we are not merely interested in form.
Name: Colorful Pineapples
Client: NY Community
Our Role: Art, Web
Tags: Branding, Photo, Logo
Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business, large or small, retail or B2B.
James Folk
They picked up the gear from the boat. The old man carried the mast on his shoulder and the boy carried the wooden box. with the coiled, hard-braided brown lines, the gaff and the harpoon with its shaft. The box with the baits was under the stem of the skiff along with the club that was used to subdue the fish
They walked up the road together to the old man's shack and went in through its open door. The old man leaned the mast with its wrapped sail against the wall and the boy put the box and the other gear beside